Adam Lost His Parents and Housing, but not His Hope


Meet Adam

Adam grew up in the San Fernando Valley. He is the youngest of four boys. He had a tight knit family. His older brothers got involved with gangs but wouldn’t let Adam get involved in that way of life. After high school Adam got a job at a home loan company. He also did some security work. Adam married his high school sweetheart and had a son. Sadly, his marriage ended in divorce, but he is still close to his now teenaged son. 

Adam’s Journey

Adam lost both his parents within five years. He stayed with his father up until his passing. Adam suddenly found himself without a place to stay. “I never had a drug problem. I have a clean record,” says Adam. 

Adam landed in the hospital with an infection. He was hospitalized for two weeks and was in a nursing home for four months. After his release he had nowhere to go. “I stayed with some family for a little bit and then I was on the street, sleeping by the train station,” Adam recalled. Adam’s infection returned and he ended up back in the hospital where he learned about Harbor Care.

How Harbor Helped Adam

“My leg has never been better since coming to Harbor Care,” says Adam. “The staff here really cares about me. It takes a certain person to do this job and they do it well.”  

Adam is dedicated to changing his life. His priority is to get healthy again and then get back into the workforce. He wants to be there for his son. Harbor Care’s case managers are connecting him with employment placement opportunities to help him back on his feet and on to independence.  

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