After Hospital Care for the Homeless

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Your Patients, Our Residents.

This is the ideal place for your patient to land upon discharge. We are a specialized residential facility that shepherds people experiencing homelessness toward healing their bodies, minds, and spirits. We are the largest and most state-of-the-art recuperative care facility in the San Fernando Valley.

As long as your patient is well enough to handle the basic activities of daily living, they are candidates for residency at Harbor Care Center.

A day and a half in the hospital costs about the same as a 30-day stay at Harbor Care Center!

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Care that Restores Health… and Hope

The “basics” that your patient needs to get well – like food, shelter, and hygiene –  aren’t just basic needs to be fulfilled; they are just a starting point. Each of these areas provides us with an opportunity to do more.

We want our residents to experience not only physical healing but compassion, dignity, and purpose.

  • Social workers on-site for personalized case management
  • On-site medical clinic provides follow-up care
  • Clean and comfortable living quarters
  • Semi-private rooms with hospital beds
  • Every bed has its own flatscreen TV with headphones for quiet enjoyment
  • Spacious (and lovely) outdoor patio lounge
  • Commercial kitchen staffed with a professional chef providing 3 delicious meals per day
  • Group activities like game and movie nights
  • Lunchtime learning with inspirational speakers

Committed to the Continuum of Care

Out on the streets, there is no guarantee that your patient will ever make it to a follow up appointment. Not only do we share our premises with the San Fernando Community Health Center, our partner for providing follow up care, but we transport residents via our own ADA-ready van. We make sure that our residents make it to every follow up visit, lab test, physical therapy, or any other appointment they need to ensure full recovery.

Reduced Recidivism Saves Time and Money.

Our onsite health clinic partners provide medical care to our residents Mondy through Friday. When their medical needs are met, they get the chance to fully heal. This means fewer ER visits and fewer hospital readmissions.

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Where Healing Leads to Housing

For people experiencing homelessness, this is a time filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and profound loneliness. And although those feelings are difficult to experience, they can be a doorway to a season of deep personal reflection and change. With compassion and sensitivity, our team reaches through these moments to encourage positive changes in body, mind, and spirit. Our onsite case managers gently guide our residents toward healthy choices and greater independence. We offer life-skills classes and work hard to get our residents connected with the resources they need to get back on their feet.

Compliant and Covered by Medi-Cal.

Rest assured that discharging your patient to Harbor Care Center makes you compliant with SB1152, California’s Hospital Discharge Policy for Homeless Patients. We accept patients from major Medi-Cal providers like LA Care, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Molina, and Cal Optima.


We are. Daily.

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We are. Daily.

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