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When you are experiencing homelessness, getting discharged from the hospital can be a time of great fear and uncertainty, but we want to put your mind at ease and share a little about what you can expect to experience at our care center.

Caring for Body, Mind, and Spirit

We are a comfortable, well-managed after care facility whose mission is to give you a safe space to rest so that you can concentrate on healing. We’ll give you a semi-private room and a warm, comfortable bed to sleep in. We’ll provide you with nutritious and delicious meals, tools for good hygiene, rides to your appointments, and the support and encouragement you need to get better. You will always be treated with respect.

The Harbor Care Experience

  • State-of-the-art facility with a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Compassionate, caring staff who are here to help you, not judge you
  • Semi-private rooms with adjustable hospital beds
  • Every bed has its own flatscreen TV with headphones for quiet enjoyment
  • A commercial kitchen staffed with a professional chef, providing three delicious meals per day.
  • Spacious outdoor patio lounge, decorated with woods and relaxing soft blue colors
  • Laundry services – clean clothes and linens
  • Onsite life-skill courses
  • Fun and fulfilling activities – game nights, movie nights, taco Tuesdays, and more

Assistance with Medical Needs

  • Onsite health clinic providing quality care
  • Safe storage, reminders, and refills of your medications
  • Transportation to and from the hospital
  • Transportation to medical appointments like doctor follow-up visits, wound care, physical therapy, lab tests, and more

And, if you’ll let us, we’ll connect you to the resources you need to get housed.

Harbor Care Center is a launching pad for you to achieve good health and independence. Our case managers are here to help you take the next step, whether that’s supportive housing, family reunification, or other safe and sheltered living situations. We make connections and break down barriers.

Harobr Cares Serving Food

Case managers can assist you with:

  • Acquiring identification (Real ID, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc.)
  • Applying for and securing benefits (Social Security, food programs, housing subsidies)
  • Job searches and applying for employment (training programs, disability accommodations, etc.)
  • Connections to substance abuse recovery programs
  • Obtaining housing (temporary housing, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing)

We help you gain access to services that help get you back on your feet. And If you’re ready for housing, we’ll help get you there too. You are so much more than what you have been through! We want to see you thrive in the next chapter of your life.


We are. Daily.

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We are. Daily.

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