Getting Hit by a Car, Leads Joseph to Finding What He Needed


Meet Joseph

Joseph was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He moved to California at the age of five with his parents and siblings and they bounced all around the state: Inglewood, South Central, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, and Sacramento. He didn’t finish high school and instead opted to get a job. Throughout the years, he worked in various trades, from construction and food service to telemarketing and painting.

Joseph’s Journey

Eventually and unfortunately, addiction, mental health issues, and exploitative people caused his life to spiral into homelessness on and off for almost twenty years. Joseph found himself in his current situation after getting hit by a car. It was late at night, and he was walking home from a party when a car ran a red light and struck him. “God did that,” said Joseph with a chuckle alluding to the idea that the accident is a lesson for him and will lead him to a better place in life. “Sometimes bad things happen for good things to happen,” Joseph recalled. The paramedics took him to Providence Holy Cross, and he was diagnosed with two broken ribs and a broken arm. He had whiplash and bruises all over his body. He was in agonizing pain.

How Harbor Helped Joseph

At the hospital, they told him about Harbor Care, and it sounded like a great option for him. “This place [Harbor Care] is right up my alley,” says Joseph.  His first impression of Harbor was “Oh, this is what I wanted. It’s exactly what I needed and was asking for.” Joseph believes that Los Angeles needs more places like Harbor. He is convinced that people will come out of the hospital sick and will fall apart without a place like this. Years ago, he had been to a shelter, and he didn’t have a positive experience. Joseph is grateful for the care unit staff and case management team for helping him get back on his feet and connecting him to housing. He will be moving on from Harbor Care into his own apartment. His future is bright because of his willingness to get the support he needed. His advice to all who have the chance to go to Harbor Care Center is “you better.” 

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