Antron Looks to Rebuild Himself at Harbor Care  


Meet Antron

Antron was born in the San Fernando Valley and grew up in Pasadena. He had a good family and lived comfortably, but he took a wrong turn and got involved with a gang at age 14. “I was being stupid in life and started running with a gang and spent seven years in prison,” he recalled. When Antron got out of prison, he worked various jobs and had two children. He went through a difficult divorce and custody battle. He eventually got his children back and raised them with his new wife and stepson.

Antron’s Journey

After another divorce, Antron sent his kids to Texas to be with their mother. “Around that time my mom passed away and I was mentally chaotic,” says Antron.  He was working in restaurants experiencing bouts of homelessness and drinking more. He was having more seizures and it landed him in the hospital.   

How Harbor Helped Antron

“I was my worst enemy,” lamented Antron. When Antron came to Harbor Care he was looking to rebuild himself. “This place has helped me mentally,” says Antron. He sees this as his opportunity to get back up on his feet. Antron is looking forward to moving on from Harbor into his own apartment. He would like to return to cooking, but he needs to get his seizures under control. He continues to work hard toward his goals and stay positive.  

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