Francisco Finds a Caring Community at Harbor Care


Meet Francisco

Francisco grew up in Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley. He had a normal upbringing with a mom, a dad, and several siblings. He has a gentle, optimistic spirit, despite going through many trials and tribulations. After graduating from Monroe High School, Francisco started working as a butcher in Duarte for eight years. Eventually, he moved on to other jobs in food service at restaurants and Farmers’ Markets. 

Francisco’s Journey

Toward the end of 2023, after getting into a car accident while in between jobs, his life took a turn for the worse. At the time, he was living in his car and had just quit his job, but had another job lined up. This was the first time Francisco experienced homelessness, and he describes the experience as lonely, stressful, and overwhelming. And now, he was also injured and had no means to support himself. Fransico added, “I’m very stubborn. So, I like to do everything on my own. I don’t like to ask for help from my family or anyone.” The accident knocked him out of the workforce, and he was stuck in the hospital with a long road to recovery ahead.

How Harbor Helped Francisco

Francisco landed himself in Providence Holy Cross, where he had to stay for a month. They took good care of him. He had two broken discs in his back, nerve damage in his left arm, and he was in a neck brace. The caseworkers at the hospital recommended he heal up at Harbor Care Center and he reluctantly obliged. Francisco had never been to a place like Harbor Care Center, so he was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Fransico recalled, “Each day that passed by, I got more comfortable with the environment. It’s a good environment. Having a place like this helped a lot.” Francisco wants to find his independence again and Harbor Care is helping him. The Care Unit staff are helping him recover physically and the case management team has connected him to obtaining identifying documentation, his benefits, and housing. He describes his case manager, Jose, as “a good friend.” What’s helped him work through his problems is the community he found at Harbor Care. He was no longer alone and able to have fellowship with people that had gone through similar circumstances. Francisco looks forward to the next chapter of his life that Harbor Care is ushering him into. 

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