Alfred Almost Missed Out on His Chance to Recover and Get Off the Streets


Alfred was born in Los Angeles weighing in at just 4 pounds 13 ounces because of his mother’s drug use. His mother was a prostitute and suffered numerous nervous breakdowns. As a result, Alfred was shuffled around to different family members throughout his childhood. Alfred was around drugs and alcohol all his life. He tried his first drug at the age of nine. It wasn’t until he reached the age of 40 that he had been clean and sober for the first time.

Alfred grew up around gangs and had spent time in prison on several occasions. While in prison, he was invited to attend a Bible study and credits his faith for keeping him from getting into more trouble and giving him hope in hopeless situations. His grandmother was instrumental in his faith journey as a young boy. 

In 2018, his wife was injured and lost her job and they couldn’t keep up with their expenses and had to file for bankruptcy. “With the pressure of trying to keep it all together, I lost my job, I left my wife and started using,” said Alfred. He lost everything he owned. He suffered a heart attack and a stroke and ended up in the hospital. 

Alfred was discharged from the hospital to Harbor Care. “I was bucking. I didn’t want to come to one of those shelter places where your stuff get’s stolen,” recalled Alfred. “The Harbor Care driver could see that I was concerned and said in a very calm voice, ‘this place is different. Give it a chance’”. Alfred continued with tears welling up, “There was something with him just talking to me, being civil, with respect, was just enough that I was willing. And when I got here to this very day, I can’t contradict anything he told me.”  

The care Alfred received has made a lasting impact on him. He lights up with excitement when he talks about the food served at Harbor Care. “I have regained myself here,” said Alfred. We were able to help Alfred get his Social Security benefits and connect him to housing. He leaves Harbor Care with a sense of gratitude and renewed purpose. 

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