Dubravny Cheats Death Again and Again, Embraces a Peaceful Path Forward


Meet Dubravny

Dubravny was born in Indiana. His mother brought him to California when he was two years old. He got involved in gangs and drugs as he got older.. “I kind of fell in love with the streets. I thought that’s how life was supposed to be. Fast life, money, women, drugs,” recalled Dubravny. He joined a gang at 10 years old and had been in and out of jail ever since. Dubravny has been robbed, shot, beat up, stabbed, married three times, and turned to drugs to cope with his tumultuous life. 

The Harbor Care Journey

Dubravny was hit by a car, suffered a heart attack, and survived a near fatal drug overdose. The hospital sent him to Harbor Care to recuperate. “I didn’t know what to expect at first. This place is like a home now. The staff was great. I am so grateful,” says Dubravny. 

Dubravny was greatly impacted by Harbor Care’s senior case manager, Gee. His example of peace and kindness has made Dubravny reconsider the direction of his life. After 52 years of living the fast life, Dubravny is ready to slow down and take a different road. 

The Journey Home

Dubravny can now sleep peacefully at night. He is firmly focused on his future. He wants to get his own apartment. “I haven’t had my own apartment since 1991,” he says.  He wants to put his turbulent past behind him and earn an honest living. Dubravny will be transitioning from Harbor Care to an independent living place and will be leaving the chaotic life of the streets behind for good. 

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