Marine Veteran Had More Fight Left in Him


Meet John

John is a Los Angeles native who was born “on the other side of the hill” and spent much of his time enjoying the beach. In his earlier days, John served in the Marine Corps, stationed in Japan and in Hawai’i before venturing back to Los Angeles. It would be here, where for the next few decades John would set up a simple yet fulfilling life with his longtime girlfriend.

John’s Journey

In mid-2022, however, John received a life-changing medical diagnosis that caused him to withdraw from the life he knew. The uncertainty of his immediate future and the burden of his situation caused John to “push away” his circle of comfort, even his girlfriend, and become homeless. In John’s mind, he did this to alleviate the emotional toll of those close to him due to what seemed would be an imminent end. John was ready to fight, but it seemed it could be a losing battle, one that he thought was better to face alone.

How Harbor Helped John

After experiencing some severe symptoms of his diagnosis while unhoused, John was admitted to the hospital in late 2022, and in December of 2022, John came to Harbor Care, where he would make a miraculous recovery physically, socially, and spiritually.

The Harbor Care team helped John focus on recovering one step at a time, keeping a regimented schedule for his medicine intake, and arranging transportation for all his medical appointments.  Harbor Care’s Case Managers worked with John to cast a vision for the future, securing the tools that would empower John and give him hope.

John would soon become an inspirational figure in the halls of Harbor Care, encouraging residents and staff members alike to take every opportunity and to make the best of them. “Harbor does so much for everyone here,” John exclaimed. “The staff works hard and gives us the opportunity to work hard at getting better, too!”

John took every opportunity he was given and made a remarkable turnaround in his life. And at the end of his time at Harbor, moved into his own apartment.

“I know that God was looking out for me here. All the staff, especially Jose (John’s Case Manager), really made the difference for me.” John has since reunited with his girlfriend and is now making plans for a wedding in the next few months. Thanks to his time at Harbor, John went from fighting “a losing battle” to a victorious life.

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