Miguel Almost Died in the Street and Finds Hope and Housing at Harbor Care


Meet Miguel

Miguel was born in Mexico. He describes his upbringing as sad. He lost a lot of family members while growing up. Miguel arrived in the USA at the age of 14, attended night school and worked with his father as a landscaper. When he became an adult, he landed a job working in a convalescent home and was employed there for 15 years. He has five kids that are all adults now. 

Miguel’s Journey

Miguel was living with his brother in Pacoima.  After their mother passed away, they had conflicts which led to Miguel being kicked out of their apartment. He was living on the street and depression set in. Miguel turned to alcohol to deal with his depression. “I was drinking all day long. A security guard chased me away from where I was sleeping. I ran into the street and was hit by a car,” recalls Miguel. 

Miguel was in the hospital for a month and was referred to Harbor Care to complete his recovery. 

How Harbor Helped Miguel

Miguel had never experienced homelessness before. He had always lived with family members. Miguel was still battling depression. He was worried he would be returned to the streets after his stay at Harbor Care. Our case managers were able to connect him to mental health services to treat his depression and worked diligently to find permanent housing for Miguel. 

“I feel safe here. The streets are dangerous. It feels like home here. “I’m so grateful for the caregivers here,” says Miguel. 

Our case managers were able to get Miguel into his own apartment. He leaves Harbor Care with a renewed sense of hope and purpose and is relieved that he is no longer homeless. 

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