No One Should End Up Here After Leaving the Hospital.

Most homeless shelters are not equipped to help people with medical conditions. That’s where Harbor Care comes in. Harbor Care is a safe haven for homeless people getting out of the hospital whose injury or illness puts them in grave danger if they were put right back onto the streets.

As a recuperative care center, Harbor Care gives the sick and hurting a place to get well. A place with good nourishing food, hot showers, and warm comfy beds. A place that drives each patient to their follow-up medical appointments. A place that speaks encouragement and teaches life skills while our residents prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

At Harbor Care, patients benefit from:

  • Onsite medical clinic
  • Medically tailored meals
  • Transportation to follow up appointments
  • Housing focused case management

You see, we’re not trying to get people well enough to go back on the streets. We’re trying to help people to never go back.


While they work toward healing, we work toward housing.

Our in-house social workers tirelessly advocate for each unique resident, whether that’s finding permanent housing, tracking down their social security number to unlock veterans benefits, or getting someone a bus ticket home to reunite with their family. In fact, in 2023, 81% of residents who completed their stay with us were connected to housing.

Your gift helps us provide the kind of one-on-one, wrap-around services that can change a person’s life.

Thank You for Supporting the Most Vulnerable Among Us


A gift of $20 helps patients with their prescription copays.


A gift of $50 helps us transport patients to their follow up appointments.


A gift of $100 covers hygiene items and new socks and underwear.


A gift of $250 covers a full day of recuperative care.


A gift of $500 helps a patient with their deposit toward their new housing.

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