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We strive to provide both physical and emotional support treating every resident with dignity and respect.

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Serving the vulnerable when they need it most.

When most leave a hospital or acute care center, they have a home to go and or family and friends to help. However, on the streets, this support does not exist. For people experiencing homelessness, healing fully from an injury or illness is more than a challenge — it can be a life-and-death situation. That’s where Harbor Care Center steps in.

We provide residential care for people who are recovering from illness or injury whose condition would be worsened by living on the streets.

A safe place to land. A perfect place to launch.

Our 30-bed shelter located in Mission Hills, CA is an ideal setting for Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley based patients to recover, while connecting them to vital services and permanent supportive housing.

Mike grew up in Porter Ranch. He had a good home life and great parents. He was taught to work hard at a young age and pull himself up by his bootstraps. He went to trade school and learned how to repair HVAC units.

In 2023, 81% of residents who completed their stay with us were connected to housing.

With your help, we can achieve even more.


Harbor Care residents share their stories.

We invite residents to share their lives so that others may learn what's possible when they take time to heal.

Will you help us do more?

Join us as we confront homelessness head-on with a compassionate, individual approach. A changed life often begins with a meal! Many of our residents come to us malnourished and haven’t had a good, healthy meal in a long time. Sitting down to a hot meal, made from scratch and served with love, makes them feel right at home.

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We strive to provide both physical and emotional support treating every resident with dignity and respect. Our hope, at Harbor Care, is that every resident discovers a space that promotes restoration, healing, and mental renewal for their lives.


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